Lucille ‘Lucy’ Sicari – 103 years old

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March 1907 – November 2, 2010

Lucille and I exchanged several letters and share a love of knitting.  In November I began to write this post about her and discovered she had recently passed away, admittedly I got too bummed out and couldn’t bring myself to to even start.  I really was disappointed that I would not be able to write her again.

I first wrote to Lucy in May 2009, the next month I received her response in a pretty card.

June/4 2009

Dear Heather,

Sorry I did not write sooner my arm was hurt and had to get xrayed over twice.  So today I made up my mind to try to make my writing legable.  I lived on S.I. [Staten Island] all my life, on of 18 children, you can understand – not much education quit grammar school to help work suport family.  I’m 2nd born child, so home from school & clean house with mom.

No playing outdoors- 3 girl sisters & rest brothers all college grads and did well.  Knitting all boys sweaters.  No drinking no smoking – father died heart attack 37 years old – very happy life – married 22 yrs old.  Left high school in first grade Curtis High.  Also did painting cloth table cloths very beautiful also in final work I made wedding gowns in factory.

Sorry I can’t write more.

Hope sometime later.


Lucy Sicari

Good Luck to you

PS My husband was a city worker died when my boys were 9 & 14 yrs old – very much loved – He was 42 yrs old

PSS I am still knitting

So she didn’t quite answer the question at all but her letter was still fun to read.  I Lucy may have not put much thought in there actually being a secret to her long life.  She just lives life and knits.  Pretty sweet.

In March 2010, I sent her a birthday card to celebrate her 103rd year.  I received another response on a pretty card with a pink flower and butterfly, so granny chic.

Sat. Mar 6, 2010

Dear Heather,

Thank you for remembering my birthday.  It makes me smile to think I’m so very old.  My writing is poor.

Thanks again,

Lucille Sicari

I am still knitting!

Note:  Her handwriting here isn’t poor at all.  Its very legible cursive.  Well, she may not have answered my question but I feel confident her love of knitting had something to do with it.


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