About Me


Well hello!  My name is Heather and I’m really excited that you are interested in my blog and all the fun stories here.  In all my letters I share a little bit about myself so that they feel like they know me.  So it only seems right that I share a bit about myself with you too!

I would say I am a lot of things but the thing I’m most proud of is being a mom.  I have this great husband Chris and we have this super awesome little baby man, Eli who will be 2 in July.  We live in Texas, in the ‘burbs north of Dallas.  Becoming a mom has been the single most challenging, amazing experience of my life.  In addition to momming to the max, I love knitting, reading, gardening, cooking & eating, good beer, and spending time with my favorite people.

My dietitian career started in 2006, I have worked in hospitals, nursing homes, and corporate wellness.  I have enjoyed all of them and like working directly with people!

If you would like to contact me directly, email heatherbeardRD @ gmail.com.

Photo by Lori Wilson Photography


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