Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  How do you find these people?

A: The internet.  You can find lots of things on the internet.


Q:  Why the long gap between writing some of these people and sharing their letters?

A: I struggled for a while with how to share this information that I gathered.  Then life got very distracting in the form of making a human child.  I’m still pretty distracted by the whole kid thing, but I am getting better at work-life balance.


Q: Did you realize there are typos in the letters you posted?

A: I just present them verbatim.  Sometimes you have to keep it real.


Q: I know a really awesome old person, what is your age cut-off?

A: 100 years old for the purposes of this blog.


Q: Do you ever post stories about patients you have worked with?

A: No.  That would violate their privacy rights and HIPAA.  All responses are completely voluntary.





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