Magdalena ‘Lee’ Skiff – 108 years

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May 12, 1902 – November 15th, 2010

Magdalena Skiff’s daughter, Doreen Moreno, replied to my letter.  They lived together in California.  At the time that she wrote me, Mrs. Skiff was 107 years old although she lived to 108.  No photo was included.

The Letter

Dear Heather,

I’m Doreen Moreno, daughter of Lee Skiff.  I’m sorry its taken so long to respond to your letter, I’ve been very busy.  I was wondering how you came across my Mothers age and address.  

My Mother has lives with me for the past eighteen years.  She is in very good health and it is remarkable how alert she is.  She walks with a walker now, but still gets around very good.  

She lived in San Francisco for sixty-seven years.  She had a lot of hills to climb.  Her home had a lot of steps and go up and down every day.  She has never over eaten and never eats fast food or fried foods.  She was raised on a farm in North Dakota so growing their own vegetables and fruits was a big part of their diet.  I also eat the same way, so cooking everything from scratch and growing our own fruits and vegetables is a normal way for us to eat.  My Mother has always enjoyed a little shot of whiskey straight before dinner.  I hope this will help you.


Doreen Moreno

Doreen was the first of many to inquire how I had obtained their name address.  Just for clarity, I always write back and briefly explain how the internet helped me find them.  Keeping the stalker vibe to a minimum has been very important to me.


Ms. Skiff’s life of regular physical activity and a healthy ‘back to basics’ diet are the ideal mix that are often missing from our modern lives.  While arguably many people born at the time likely walked more and ate more homegrown foods, did they maintain this lifestyle as they aged and technology and convenience foods popped up more and more.

Her daily shot of whiskey before dinner leads me to imagine her to have a bit of spunk.  And I just think that spunk counts for something!

A little bit o’ Science

According to the the Chicago Health and Aging Project of 2009, older adults who consume a minimum of three servings a day of vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables, maintain their mental abilities 40% longer than those who ate less vegetables.

To read a little more about the benefit of alcohol consumption in moderation and aging, check out the post on Fred Cain.


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